Proactive Gaming - Uniting gaming and gambling


We’re a technology company in the betting and gaming industry. People-wise, we’re a great team who knows what we’re doing.
Our group of senior programmers have a unique experience in our field (just look at People, together we’ve been in the business for more than 200 years), and the management team has years of senior advising in various betting companies and a great knowledge in relations- and communication.
We have an advanced true 3D software with excellent game flow, graphical content and low system requirements. And we have a 2012 no-download platform built with the latest technology combined with social features to enhance the players’ experience.
We offer poker, card games, bingo, lottery, multiple languages and an excellent back-office together with scalable and secure software.
And we have a great cooperation with our clients. They know the market and lead our development of new features and games. We meet at least four times a year to discuss development and current business. It’s a great way to remain close in business.
We’re based in Norrköping, since that’s where most of our senior programmers lived and teamed-up in the gaming and betting industry in the 1990s. We recently opened a business centre in Stockholm and currently have representation offices in London and Milan.
Our vision is to be a leading technology supplier in our branch of the betting industry. And treat our clients better than they’ve ever been cared for before.

Mattias Andersson, founder of Proactive Gaming and currently Account manager.

Mattias Andersson